CompresSport Grand Raid 2019


You are organizing an event (sport, music, festival...) and you want to show it ? Using a drone will make the differences on your final video !

This realisation was made by CompresSport on one of the most difficult trail competition in the world. 160km across Reunion Island, less then 24h run for the winner. Thank you Hermitage film for putting us on the project. First and final image are make by us, plus some other during the clip.

LOrée by Kdkreol Boogie


You want to make the difference? A drone is the perfect tool to fly between 0 to 100m. He will go where other camera can not reach the subject.

A realistion by Pixel Dealer production. Local Artist of Reunion Island had to design and paint the exterior of a building. I was working for Drone Austral and I was in charge of Flying the Inspire 2 of the company. It was a complicate mission as the building is where the gaz and the petrol of the Island is stock. We had to ask for special authorizations in advance + to follow special emergency training with the Gaz and Petrol Company.

Extrem Volcano



Volcano eruption, info traffic, storm, natural disaster... be almost in direct live and show on the news what it is happening using high quality videos. Our team as the material and physical condition to cover a large panel of subject.

A realisation made for Drone Austral. Piton de la Fournaise is one of the most active volcano on the planet. In 2017 it was erupting and with special authorization we were able to go close to the lava. The flying conditions were pretty extreme as the wind was strong at 2000m of altitude. It was also cold and dark during the night, rainy per moment and in an unfriendly environment. The temperature of the lava is also an important parameter to consider when you fly over it as plastic do not resist to high temperatures.

BlackSheep Van with Johanne Defay


You want to promote your activity? Using a drone is the perfect way to give movement to your video.

A realistion by Hermitage Film. Johanne Defay, Pro Surfer on the WCT, is sponsorhip by BlackSheep Van. This video was made in Reunion Island, her home place, showing her training and how cool it is to use a Van there. VolcaDrone Production was in charge of filming by drone when Johanne was surfing.

Volcanic, Sparkling water


You want to be original? The high quality and the stability of the camera on a drone will give you D-Log video. Perfect for post treatment, you will be able to integrate any kind of objects on your image.

A realisation by Evil Ways production. This video was made for Volcanic, a Reunion Island brand of water. The orignality of the video is that they have integrate 3D objects to change the perspective scale of the viewer. I was working for Drone Austral on this project and I  was in charge of flying the Inspire 2 of the Company.

Les 3 Salazes


Want to go extreme ? The drone will be your best friend to reach difficult access points. Our team have already experiences in extreme sports. We have the material plus the physical conditions to climb high mountains, river, waterfalls...


A realistion made for Drone Austral. The purpose for the mission was to climb a 300 m cliff with a drone and fly from the top. Only few people did it and you need to go with special guides to reach the top as it is extremely dangerous.

I was employed by Drone Austral and I was in charge of flying the Phantom 4.

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