VolcanoDrone Productions

Professionals that make you look amazing!

Our main services:


Our focus:

Commercial pictures and Videos for advertising or informational purposes.

Our mission:

To make you look impossible to turn down (de nerefuzat). We strive to provide best quality services. We do our utmost to make the perfect shots of what our customers want to emphasize. We make reality catch life in the heart of the viewers, and help them project themselves being in the middle of the action.

We are providing packages of photos and videography sequences, with or without post-production, complete short footage videos with advanced editing as well as drone trainings for helping people become professional drone pilots.

We are also working with production houses for different commercial or informational short movies.

What do professional drone services imply?

Flying a drone might sound easy, but it is the simplicity of this beautiful idea that comes along with a surprising work complexity. Watching a movie is one of the most common ways for spending free time; yet, few are the viewers who truly understand what it takes to be behind the scenes. Not only that videography is a particular sector with special rules, a drone pilot needs to combine this knowledge with the one of aviation and its special mandatory security measures and restrictions.

Crucial information for safety and law:

  • Drone piloting professional certificate according to the French laws, which allows one to fly a drone and use the material for commercial services anywhere around the globe; regular drone pilots are not legally allowed to use their footages or send it to third parties;

  • Insurance coverage worldwide/ European Union;

  • map checking for special permission and regulation to fly on a certain zone or country (there are restricted or forbidden areas according to the civil aviation laws);

  • Permission request (only a professional certified pilot can request special permission, for example in a city).

  • use of certified homologated  equipment.


How do we make a difference? What are the benefits we bring to our customers?

Our services reduce the costs created through generating and procuring advertising materials, by:

  • diminishing resources need.

  • improves safety of people

  • reducing human resources needs

  • reduces the time spend

  • reduces other resources (electricity, gas, oil and filters etc)

  • reduces the impact of polluting the environment (noise reduction, gas emission reduction made by a helicopter for example).

The x-factor is guaranteed by creating unique and different perspectives than the world is used to, by transcending the borders of geographical location, of space (spatial) view. Not only we come to you in order to make the advertising materials, with our services we can also mentally “transport” your customers instantly to your place of choice. We are working worldwide and have worked for diverse types of customers, therefore we are (understanding many areas of activities). This differentiates products or services.

We know innovation is a key to evolution. Drone technology usage in commercial area at this level is a recent novelty. Novelty is always a big booster in sales.

The experience we have in the fields of aviation, photo, video, drone footage, from the beginning of drone commercial era, results in a better customer needs comprehension. Thus, we increase the chances of notoriety exponentially. Notoriety leads again to better sales.

Our flexibility does not stop at regions, states, logistics, cultural or psychological particularities, but we are collaboration with others from our field: photographers, videographers, drone pilots, production houses. This way we are part of a community and we never forget to have fun, enjoy our work and this feeling is transmitted to the viewer.

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